Friday, 30 September 2011

Harvest- Mange-tout

Went out to do some gardening today, and found a little harvest waiting for me!

72 grams of delicious, fresh, organic mange-tout. Now, based on information from, Tesco sell 150 gram of organic mange-tout for £1.60, working out as £10.67 a kilogram.

So by that basis my tiny haul is worth around 77p. But mine are grown in lovely wet England, using the ever present watering can in the clouds, instead of being grown in Egypt where water has to be pumped from deep beneath the ground, compromising water sources in the region.

Also some of mine had been nibbled:

But a little wash later, and they're tasty all the same. Peas are so easy to grow past germination. They just sprawl everywhere and come harvest time picking your crop turns into a little scavenger hunt where the grand prize is 77p worth of nibbled peas.

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