Thursday, 6 October 2011

Entrelac blanket finished

3 rounds of rainbow colour, all yarn used up save for a couple of metres and all ends sewn in. Measures around 90cm by 60 cm. I'm very happy, it's gorgeous! And for sale, if anyone wants it. I learnt a new and interesting technique, used up a bag of left over yarn, and actually came up with something pretty good.

I think my camera might be starting to die, because it's not picking up the green in the blanket at all well. The green is a minty green, which sounds awful, but works with the rest of the colour palette. The indigo, violet and red are deep, true hues, the orange is a pumpkin shade, and the yellow, green and blue are muted, so the palette sails through both dark and light runs.

Here's the back, which is much neater than an equivalent patchwork or granny square blanket would probably be:

And here are some Etsy style shots with my Steiff bear, Amadeus. 

I'm happy. It's lovely to make lovely things.


  1. That is very nicely done! How long does it take to make something like this?

    If it had space invaders on it, I'd totally buy it. :)

  2. This one didn't take too long because I used chunky yarn and knit up on 5 or 6mm needles (can't remember). I'm trying to think in terms of how many shows I watched as I knitted it or how long each colour took. Hmm... there are 21 lines of colour, and I think each took about 30mins to 45mins to do, maybe less. I think it took around 15 hours in total.

    It would be possible to do a space invaders with a little alien in each block, but because they're knitted sideways the aliens would be leaning to opposite sides on each row. It would also probably take longer to do because they don't make that brand of chunky yarn any more and it's hard to find chunky yarns in bright colours now (at least in the UK), so I'd probably use a DK yarn on 4mm needles.

    I'd like to have a go at making a much larger one, using up all my odds and ends of yarn by knitting each square with a different remnant.

  3. Beautiful. What is your asking price?

  4. Negotiable, but I was hoping for something around £75 because I really like it, ha. It's a bit high though, especially for anyone in the USA who wants it because the exchange rate isn't great at the moment.

  5. this one is just amazing, could u also do it cloth patches??i sure want to try one.
    so pretty

    1. Yes, it would be very easy to do it with cloth patches- I would use 3inch squares. Sew them into strips with a half square/triangle at the end of each strip. Then sew the strips together.

      Here's a picture to give you an idea of what I mean:

      Does that make sense?