Saturday, 9 June 2012

Another year at uni finished (sort of)

On Friday I had my end of year assessment and


Hooray! I was the last student to be assessed so by that point my tutors were probably thinking more about having a pint or a nap, but we had a lovely talk about my work and its themes and what direction I might be headed/where I'm going next, and how I felt the year had gone. To be honest I am really very pleased with myself for sticking through this year, despite having spent the first term commuting every day, then having to move at short notice on New Years and lastly being evicted a couple of weeks ago. I told my tutors the truth: that if I had a tenner for every time I'd thought about dropping out then I'd have enough money to buy a kiln, a wheel, and change left over to go to Mashiko in Japan.

But none of that matters because it's all over, woo! I've got a few more weeks of term left to tie up odd ends- glazing unglazed work, casting more stuff if I want to (of course I want to!), maybe making some logo transfers. My tutor also wanted me to finish a graphic novel I had an idea for way back in the first term, the steampunk bullshit thing. I might have a go at that over the summer.

Anyway here are some photos of my final piece, without the finished glaze (I don't have glaze yet)

And here are some illustrations I did in Adobe Illustrator. I am still really bad at Illustrator and these were done in a hurry.

So, goals for the summer? Well now I have Photoshop and Illustrator, I think I should try digital drawing a little more. There are loads of online tutorials, not to mention books in the uni library that could give me some help getting started (I don't have a clue where to begin and I don't want to take forever learning just by playing around, because I find the lack of progress frustrating).

I've got 2 jobs lined up for summer- one is only for a month, but the other is ongoing bar work so I should be able to save up lots of lovely rent money to carry me over into the new year. Other than that, I've got friends in Yorkshire to visit. And I really feel like having an adventure, damn that Wes Anderson film putting ideas in my head of camping and frolicking through woods in a cute mini-dress.

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