Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A quick garden update

I don't really have much to show you because as I haven't been living at my parents' house since January and I haven't had much spare time (and the weather has been awful), I haven't really done much in the way of gardening. But I've been back home for a little while sorting stuff out before I once again move out into my new flat, so here's a little garden update.

As you can see, my veggie patch is bare. Surprisingly bare. My mum admitted she'd grabbed a few weeds here and there, but I'd expected my little dirt patch to be completely overgrown. Either a) I've done a really good job clearing weeds in the past and they've finally admitted I've won the battle, or b) all the nutrients are gone. Hmm. There was a lone survivor...

It's a leek! Standing tall and proud on its own with a big bud ready to burst out into flower. So my vegetable patch has produce a vegetable all by its self this year. Not sure how, but there you go.

Anyway, a year and a bit ago, my mum and I planted up some tubs by the front door of our house with succulents. They looked like this:

Pretty sparse, eh? Well now they look like this:

They've filled out beautifully and have flourished really well. Each of the succulents have been flowering too.

The great thing about them is that they're really low maintenance. I guess in the future they might need a bit of liquid feed to keep them going, but for now they seem happy chugging along.

Well, I wish I could write more about the garden, but aside from mowing the main lawn, I've essentially done absolutely nothing, so there's nothing to say. Might try sowing some winter crops to make use of the bare patch, but I never have luck with root vegetables, so I don't know whether I should bother.

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