Thursday, 11 October 2012

First batch of maquettes of the new year

I have been back at school for nearly 2 weeks now and already managed to produce a handful of maquettes, which is very good for lazy old me. Don't start thinking I actually care about my education though, I'm already behind on dissertation research. I think the problem there is that I don't like writing essays, all they do is stress me out and mess up my wrists. The maquettes are procrastination from the academic drag.

Anyway, here they are, I will explain more about them when I get them out of their glaze firing on Wednesday (if they survive, fingers crossed!). All of these survived the biscuit firing in some shape or form. The pics aren't great, it's hard to capture the emotion of the pieces with poor photography.

Poor pig girl here lost an ear after biscuit firing when I was carrying her to the glaze room. She wobbled and hit the headboard of the piece with two guys in bed. The ear then got blasted away by the spray gun in the glaze booth, so when she's fired I'm going to try and sculpt her a new one out of a restoration putty.

Eventually this will be glazed with black lustre so it looks like the seal has been the victim of an oil spill.

 This maquette did not survive the kiln well at all, due to the use of wire inside. The tree was just too delicate. As you can see in the photos, the branches dried out too quickly and just ended up cracking. But it's okay, it's a maquette! I may also take this as a sign that God is smoting my religious work. Poor Adam and Steve.

So what is my project about? Well, as you can see, I'm making figurines. The idea is to make alternative figurines, the sort that just don't exist at the moment. This includes showcasing people who aren't white and skinny or straight! You very rarely see people who aren't Caucasian in the figurine world, unless they are in some kind of ethnic dress- Inuit furs, Native American headdresses, naked African girls with pots on their heads. I want to change this and make a more exclusive world of figurines.

Oh and also there may be zombies.

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