Saturday, 9 November 2013

Since Graduation...

Welp, it's been a while.

I got a part time job in Borough

I moved out of Camden.

I moved into Elephant & Castle.

I moved out of Elephant & Castle.

I crashed in a friends' junk room in East Ham.

I finally found a place I can afford, by Burgess Park. I move in on Wednesday. It's been nuts. Trying to get any kind of making going when you don't have a firm base to jump off from is difficult, because when you're constantly moving and holding down a job your work clothes and your pillow tend to take priority over a bag of porcelain. Great sympathy for all the other creative nomads trying to make their way in the world while holding down a real job.

This was the last time I touched clay:

Some of my CSM class took over Do Shop in Covent Garden a couple of months ago and I went along to drink free beer and have a play on the wheel. I miss it so much!

Other than that, I managed to make this awesome baby quilt from recycled fabrics:

It's for sale, and will be going up on Ebay very soon with a starting price of £30. Bargain! Speaking of which, I've got a fair amount up for sale at the moment, mainly old art bits and bobs, but also some uncut sewing patterns that I'm clearing out. Go have a look, because I'm desperate for cash. I'm only working part time at the moment and boy do I feel it.

Other than that, I got accepted onto a craft fair in Kentish Town, but had to drop out because I didn't have time to make anything really. I made my own dressing gown but I can't find a photo right now.

Action plan for the future:

  • stop moving house
  • get studio space or microkiln
  • go to Vienna/Graz for museums/friend
  • keep believing I can actually do this