So, I don't get it.
It's a blog, what's there not to get?

You've got some multiple blog personality going on here. Is it a sewing blog, a knitting blog, a baking blog, a pottery blog, or a DIY blog?

Well, it's none of those things and all of those things. It's an archive of stuff I do with my hands. Sometimes I might show you how you can do exactly the same thing with your hands. I happen to like creating. Fabrication. Dismantling things and remaking them into other things. This blog is for you to watch and me to look at and go "ahh, I remember now, that's how I did that".

Why the name? What does Rumade mean?

My name is Ru. Stuff here is made by me. The blog was originally going to be called Handmade by Ru, but it looked weird as a URL, so I settled for Rumade. Think of it like the naming of only less clever (ditto the content).

What's with the tacky template/stock image background?

The light in my room is rubbish and I can't think of anything to use as a background, or I'd take a photo of something else! It will hopefully be updated soon.

How often are you going to update the blog?
As and when I feel like it. Sorry. I am aiming for at least 3 posts in 2 fortnights.

Who are you?

A girl who spent her childhood making huge messes and falling out of trees. Not much has changed in 23 years, only in addition to the mess and the bruises, I sometimes have an interesting hand-crafted thing, or at least a hacked up tree.

Also I have a Ba (hons) Ceramic Design degree from Central St Martins School of Art and Design now.

If you want to know more, post a comment and I'll try to get back to you.

Peace and love!