Monday, 16 May 2011


This is a pocodile.

That's pocket-crocodile to not retarded people. His name is Pocky.

I made him up as I went along which I guess is why he looks a bit like a Kronosaurus. Maybe making up amigurumi as you go only works with crochet. 

Obviously something to take into account when I make his lifesize brother... (I kid, I hate seaming)


  1. Pocodile! That thing is so cute, and I like the owl too. You mentioning Kronosaurus makes me think you should make a dinosaur of some kind, I guess it would be kinda difficult though? They are weird shapes...

  2. I have thought about making dinosaurs, I actually bought some yarn a while ago with the intent of making a big green dragon! I don't really plan my creations out so it can be hard to tell what they're going to turn into, especially the crochet one's because they're so fluid. I once made a hermit crab that started out life as the end of a mermaid's tail.