Monday, 29 August 2011

Making friends

As it looks very much like I might be trapped living in my parent's house for another few years (boo), I'm trying to downsize some of my junk. So I've been selling yarn and fabric and clothes on Ebay, and trying to sort through my mountains of craft stuff. Apart from the masses of shop bought fabric, I've also got a fair amount of old clothes that are ugly or too big or have a stain on them or a hole in them that I can't throw away for whatever reason.

One such item of clothing was this tunic I bought in the Uniqlo flapship store in Tokyo. It does nothing for me, makes my hips look massive and is just generally not great- but it's SO COMFORTABLE. I only have one photo of my ass in it, and you're not seeing it. Sorry. But here's the tunic monstrosity.

I had the day off work because I'd eaten some dodgy rice, so I decided it was time to say goodbye to this tatty thing and turn it into some kind of monster. I made a pattern out of copies of the compact Independent, "I"...

...pinned them to the fabric and cut round them....

...did some mumbjo jumbo magic seams, character formation and stuffing and came out with this:

Isn't he awesome? I'm very happy, although he needs some shorts to hide a scruffy bum seam. He's called Puffy, after the Japanese band, because the tunic I made him from was designed by them, apparently inspired by this song.

I made another friend called Cubunny, but he was hacked together while watching the pretty awful film "27 Dresses" so he's a bit shoddy. Stretch jersey is surprisingly hard to sew with.

New friends! Yaaaaay!

I miss university.

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