Friday, 28 September 2012

Sprouting update

Here is the flax I'm growing as a micro-green crop on kitchen towel:

Some of the seeds have barely sprouted, while a couple are well on their way to being little plants. That gross glisten across the seeds is the mucus that they produce. Apparently some people use it as hair-gel!

And here's the hemp I was sprouting in a jar:

Again, very inconsistent levels of sprout- some of them didn't seem to have sprouted at all, while a couple had very long tails.

They also smelt a bit strange, almost like stagnant water? Similar to the smell you get when you leave a water bottle out for too long. I rinsed them at least 3 times a day, so I don't know why this happened- maybe because I was standing the jar up straight instead of upside down not enough water was draining off? I tried shaking the jar dry once and the elastic band fell off, leaving me with a sink full of hemp.

They tasted okay. I think I need to do some more experimenting.

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