Saturday, 30 July 2011

The other kind of corn

My brother has been complaining a lot lately that his hair is too long, so I decided I would teach myself how to do cornrows so I could make him look gangster. His hair was still a little too short for me to handle though, so I roped my mum into being a Girl's World head because she was tired and unable to adequately protest.

Not too bad for my first ever attempt! She wouldn't let me wet her hair either so it kept being frizzy and flyaway.

I love playing with hair, always wished as a kid that I had a big sister to do hair and make up with instead of a big brother who taught me useful things like how to start fires with a magnifying glass.

Need to get one of those disembodied heads to practice on... or a more willing victim.

Oh and I promised my mum I wouldn't post those photos on Facebook. This isn't Facebook ;)

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