Monday, 6 February 2012

Apron version 2

So... not much has been going on lately. My teacups were assessed by my tutors. The long and short of that worked out as they liked my concept and strong narrative, but I need to learn to be less dismissive of my work and ideas and to have more faith in myself (as well as a few other bits and bobs on time management that I knew anyway). That was quite hard to hear. I have struggled with self worth, self esteem, and valuing my work for a very long time; we're talking since about aged 13 or 14 when I first started getting bouts of depression. But I know I can do better, and I know I am better than I used to be, both in terms of work and skill, and mental health, so everything is going to be okay.

But that's not what this post about, this post is about an apron! Y'all may remember way back in April I made myself an apron for class. Well, I'm back at it, hopefully making aprons to sell to classmates. But these won't be just any aprons: they'll be version 2 aprons.

The fabric is from the John Lewis offcuts bin. If you buy it off the roll it's £14 per metre and each apron takes 1m, so I'm trying to source all of mine from the offcuts bin. I'm also looking for cheap sources of oilcloth online.

What makes this apron better than others? It very cleverly (hard to see due to camouflage) has not 1 but 2 pockets- a large one for tools, and a small upper one for a mobile phone, point and shoot digital camera, or small tools such as razorblades. 
All pocket seams and straps are sewn with invisible thread, which is basically fishing line you can sew with. It's incredibly strong and provides a really professional finish, which is what I need if I'm going to try and hawk these to classmates. I don't want to sell shoddy crap!

So that's pretty much all I've done recently. Oh, and I made teriyaki salmon. That was tasty. I've also been trying a few Korean recipes lately, with tasty results, but that's another story. Other than that... well, there's some embroidery I'm working on, but I'll show that when I'm finished. And I've been cat watching a lot.

On that note, I think I'll go crawl into bed.

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  1. awww, be confident in yourself! I think all of your creations are fantastic. This is why I started following your site via RSS.