Friday, 17 February 2012

Photos of Cakes

So, yeah. I haven't done much recently. I bought an offcut with beads on it with a view to divide the beads up and sell them, but I doubt I'll actually bother. I went to Frankfurt for some ridiculously large trade show, saw a lot of plates, and swindled a few free water bottles. I might do a design critique post of those in the future. Oh, and I got a job, sort of. I'm doing ad hoc work transcribing interviews from a design journalist. It's pretty cool, I'm learning about a bunch of designers/companies.

But apart from that, I've made cakes.

Carrot cakes, made at my parents' house. The trick to making them really good is to use one of those Microplane style graters- you know, the little ones chefs use for hard cheese. If you use a regular cheese grater, you'll get gross gag-worthy chunks of carrot, instead of deliciously fine bits of carrot, as delicate as dessicated coconut.
I also got a chance to use the icing nozzle and bag set I got for Christmas, but the bag was weirdly semi-permeable (it sweated) and I ended up with goo all over my hands. Gross. The icing is cream cheese with icing sugar and a few drops of glycerine. I was a bit worried about it because before it set it still tasted slightly cheesy, but afterwards they were divine. Thumbs up all round from my group at college.

These I made at my new flat in Camberwell, to test the oven. Sadly, they look better than they taste, the cinnamon buttercream just doesn't work that well :/

Pretty though! The fairy cakes are just a plain vanilla sponge, while the larger cake has cinnamon and ginger in it.

For some reason, the cake really domed. In this picture it almost looks like bread. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope it's edible. More importantly, I hope my flatmates think it's all edible!

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