Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Yesterday was Pancake Day if you live in the UK (or carnivale, mardi gras, whatever in the rest of the world). I made a decision pretty early in the day.

Today would be the pancake day, when I ate nothing but pancakes.

It seemed like something one should do at least once in one's life. You know, like getting so drunk you shit the bed, or going bungee jumping, or swimming with turtles (I have done one of those. Guess which one!*).

When I was a kid, we rolled our pancakes up neatly so they looked sort of like cooked chicken or ham slices on a buffet. Now I fold them up and eat them like perverse samosas.
Total body count was approximately 16 pancakes. I really don't know. At one point a back-flow of batter started to replace my cerebral fluid. I love you pancake day... but next year I'm making dairy free pancakes. Ow, my lactose intolerance.

*I've been swimming with turtles, just for the record.

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